Alice is a Protocol and Etiquette Business Coach with over 15 years of experience and has worked with many companies.


Alice is a workshop facilitator, seminar presenter, speaker and author. She hosts public workshops and seminars, and customizes training programmes for company staff in accordance with their requirements.

Her programmes include:

  • Building Communication & Presentation Skills (1 day workshop with practical sessions or a  2 ½ hr seminar )
  • Business Etiquette for Professionals (1 day workshop with practical sessions or 2 ½ hr seminar )
  • Leading from the Middle (seminar on Leadership for Supervisors & Middle Managers)
  • The Art of Fine Dining – (A Dining Etiquette Seminar with International Courtesies 2 ½ hrs)
  • Dining Service Etiquette (A 3 hour workshop for hotel & restaurant employees)
  • The Children’s Etiquette Workshop (one week in summer)
  • Teen Etiquette & Social Skills (one week in summer)
  • Protocol for Planning Ceremonies & Functions (1 day workshop)
  • Protocol for Ushers & Workers at Ceremonies and Services ( 1 Day workshop)
  • Managing Staff Issues (Saturday Brunch for Managers & HR Staff)
  • Writers Round table (sharing tips, thoughts and ideas for would be writers)
  • Customer Service Essentials (Customized 1 day Workshop or 2 ½ hr seminar for employees)

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