Leading from the Middle
A Leadership seminar for Supervisors and Managers

If you enjoy mentoring younger persons or new staff. or  you are the one to communicate the vision of your employer to those you supervise, this seminar is for you. During this motivational session, Alice inspires participants as she presents on the qualities, practices and activities middle and senior leaders need in order to impact those they supervise.

The Art of Fine Dining (A Dining Etiquette Seminar)
In these modern times, more professionals are getting out of the office to discuss business over a meal. When you can relax and still maintain your professionalism in a formal dining setting, you feel more confident and are more likely to be highly respected by other professionals.

Participants at this seminar will discuss acceptable behaviour from the moment one enters a restaurant or dining area. They will discuss appropriate conversations, and how to hold eating utensils, including chopsticks. Participants will also discuss how to dine in different cultures so as not to offend their hosts. 

‘Business Etiquette for Professionals’
Alice leads this motivational seminar with focus on courtesy and good manners relevant for the work place, and for building great relations with clients and colleagues. She leads participants in discussion of  appropriate attitudes and body language, in addition to useful networking skills. They will discuss other topics such as meeting etiquette, standards of appearance and representing their company at social functions. Additionally they will talk about telephone and cell phone etiquette; as well as email and social media etiquette. 
Building Communication & Presentation Skills
During this seminar, Alice shares a number of helpful tips on presenting to large and small groups. This is a motivational seminar designed to help participants feel more confident regardless of their audience. Alice will explain skills necessary, strategies to adopt and best practises. All topics will be illustrated by helpful real life examples.
Customer Service Essentials: Six Skills for Every Employee
This seminar is designed to motivate employees who interact with customers in person, on the phone or on the internet. Participants will understand how to build great customer relations with all customers. The seminar will also help employees understand the need to keep their cool with demanding customers, as well as how to work with their team to provide exceptional customer service under any circumstances.

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