Training Programmes For Everyone in 2019

Alice can tailor her workshops to meet the needs of any staff. Business owners can contact her to book a workshop for their staff, while interested individuals can express interest in one of her public sessions.

Building Communication & Presentation Skills
This workshop is designed to help participants improve on their public speaking and presentation skills. It will be applicable for persons who need to speak to large or small groups, old or young persons, in office, church, school or other settings. Participants will learn how to build strategies and strengthen skills necessary for speaking with confidence in public. They will practise making short presentations using different media. Other participants will be the audience who will offer comments and suggestions.
Business Etiquette for Professionals
Your understanding of Business Etiquette is one of the more important soft skills you will bring to your business relations. Alice’s Business Etiquette workshops are intended to help participants feel more confident and improve their professional image. The sessions are practical with real life scenarios that highlight situations which participants are likely to deal with in the workplace. They will learn how to use communications skills such as greetings and body language . They will also discuss how email and social media could be used in a professional manner. They will also learn how to set a professional tone in various ways, such as by the way they dress, manage relationships, time and represent their offices at social functions with poise and confidence.
Protocol for Planning Functions
This is a very practical workshop, during which participants get to understand arrangements for organising ceremonies or other seated functions. Participants will learn the courtesies they should prepare to offer their guests, how to use Precedence to prepare Seating Plans and to Address Audiences. They  will also get the opportunity to plan a Programme and to draft formal invitations, in addition to other activities. They will also learn how to prepare their ushers and workers to meet, greet and seat guests.
Protocol for Ushers & Workers at Ceremonies and Services
At this Protocol workshop, participants will get to
understand VIP Courtesies, and their roles as Ushers. They will also understand how to prepare and interpret seating plans. They will practise in a meet, greet and seat session, and will discuss appropriate attire and dress codes for various occasions.
Dining Service Etiquette
Etiquette skills are the core of great service in the Hospitality Industry. At this workshop, participants will learn how to meet, greet and seat guests in a restaurant; they will also learn how to set the table, take orders, serve solids and beverages, and how and when to remove used utensils. They will also learn the dos and don’ts while conversing with guests, and how to win over difficult guests.  Participants will also understand the need to pay attention to their own body language, and how to interpret the body language of their guests in order to provide better service.

During this workshop, participants get the opportunity to practise scenarios relevant to each topic.

The Children’s Etiquette Workshop
When we train our children at an early age, they remember what they learnt for life. They also influence others as they never  hesitate to share what they learned. This Workshop is usually held for one week in Summer and is open to Children ages 6 -12. Workshop topics such as Greetings and Courtesies,  Body Language, and Social Etiquette, Eating Out and Table Manners are on the agenda.  The daily activities include appropriate exercises, games and role plays. Children will also get the opportunity to eat in a restaurant setting. 
Teen Etiquette and Social Skills
Teens are anxious to impress their friends with their knowledge of life and their skills and abilities. Alice and her team will host teenagers from ages 13 – 17 for one week during Summer, helping them to build personal values and self esteem, thus to feel more confident about who they are. They will learn how to use good manners and civility to build great friendships, how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to handle bullying, as well as the finer skills such as table manners and general etiquette.
Customer Experience
Alice delivers customized one and two day workshops, focusing on Customer Experience. These workshops help employees to understand how to provide an exceptional experience to their customers in order to ensure they will return and will recommend their business. 

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